St Gall: A Medieval Media Centre and the Tradition of its Book Culture

Prof.Dr. Werner Wunderlich, University of St.Gallen

In German with simultaneous translation to Japanese / Entrance is free

Tuesday, November 25, 18.30 to 20.00, Hosei University Kudan Building 3rd floor, 23-2-3 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073

The Abbey Library of St. Gallen is the oldest library in Switzerland, and it is one of the earliest and most important monastic libraries in the world. Its extraordinary collection of books shows the development of European culture. Since 1983 a UNESCO Word Cultural Heritage site, St Gall is unrivalled among the German-language cultural community in the development, continuity and profusion of its media riches. The heritage of literary documents created and accumulated in the Abbey library of St Gall has been virtually unbroken since the beginnings of Scripture in the 7th century and of vernacular literature in the "Golden Age" of the 8th and the 9th century, right up till the modern manifestations of the electronic communications media in our present information-society.

The lecture presents the most important and most famous manuscripts and printed books as well as documents of the evolution of the book culture of St Gall.

Prof. Dr. Werner Wunderlich is a Professor of German Media and Culture and the director of the Institute for Media and Communication Management at University of St.Gallen. He graduated in German Studies, History and Political Science from University of Heidelberg and has conducted extensive research in the field of Medieval German Literature, Cultural and Media History and Bibliology. He is a renowned speaker and writer.

Sponsored by the Hosei International Center, the Information Technology Research Center and the Hosei University Library Department. For inquieries, please contact : TEL : 03-3264-9935, FAX : 03-3264-9287, E-mail :

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