2013.03.31 IT Research Center was closed on March 31, 2013. We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

About IT Research Center

Entering the 21st century, globalization in such areas as society, economy, culture, medicine, and science technology has accelerated mainly based on information technology. To keep up with the current rapid changes in IT area, we need a non-traditional approach beyond the existing organizational framework. The primary objective of Hosei University Information Technology Research Center is to develop research and education in IT in the globalized world of the 21st century, as well as to promote international research and educational activities. The Center is so-called "Open Research Center" that aims to integrate the humanities and sciences by building partnerships with both domestic and overseas research institutions and businesses.

We currently have three affiliate research centers in California, London and Zurich. These institutions are playing roles of liaison with partner universities, researchers and institutions of each region as well as working very closely with us to conduct research and educational projects.

Affiliated Research Centers:
» Hosei University Reserearch Institute, California (HURIC)
» Hosei University European Research Center (HERC)
» Hosei University European Research Center, Zurich (HERZ)

Message from Director

Director, Yoshihiro FUKUDA
Director, Yoshihiro FUKUDA

We, IT Research Center, was opened in the year 2000 aiming for promoting IT related research in broad areas in collaboration with industry, government, and academia and for conducting international distance education with making the most of Internet technology as well.

We operate our projects on a research grant by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). From FY2004 to 2006, we also got a special grant so-called "Gendai GP" by MEXT and conducted a project in which we developed an e-Learning system to meet current social need for education.

We play an important role in not only conducting researches on methods and technologies but utilizing of its fruits for the development of educational support system. We keep pursuing further research and development to provide a better research and educational environment.

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