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Part 1

Please let us know how you evaluate this seminar so that we can improve our seminars in the future.
Circle the letter from A to E that matches closest your opinion.

The letters stand for the following:
    A = strongly agree     B = agree     C = neutra
    D = disagree     E = completely disagree

Organization of the seminar

1-1The time allotted to each part of the program was appropriate
1-2The lecture and laboratory/group work components were effectively linked
1-3The size of the classes was optimal



A     B     C     D     E


1-4Sufficient time was allocated for the lectures
1-5The lectures were useful in my research ( interesting, stimulating and practical)
1-6The level of The lectures relative to my educational background and experience was optimal



A     B     C     D     E

Laboratory Work/Group Work

1-7Sufficient time was allocated for the laboratory work/group work
1-8The laboratory work/group work were useful in my research ( interesting, stimulating and practical)
1-9The level of The laboratory work/group work relative to my educational background and experience was optimal



A     B     C     D     E


1-10Sufficient time was allocated for the discussions
1-11The discussions were useful in my research ( interesting, stimulating and practical)


A     B     C     D     E

Excursion (if applicable)

1-12The excursion(s) was well organized

A     B     C     D     E


1-13Lecturers gave equal treatment to all the participants
1-14Lecturers respected the ideas, opinions and comments of the participants


A     B     C     D     E


1-15I found my participation in the seminar to be meaningful
1-16I was able to create and expand working networks with other researchers by participating in the seminar


A     B     C     D     E

Part 2

Please write your comments.

2-1The most successful aspect of this seminar:
  • How to make a cooperate research work group. Needs finding.
  • Friendship with other major's people
  • Definitely the group discussions and works. Very nice idea!
  • Group discussion which is allotted at night is good for discuss each other and good for deepening friendship.
  • Composition of member (Related .But various background)
  • Lectures (not only robotics but also creative thinking…)
  • The environment of this seminar is very good, not only the accommodation but also the seminar place.
    It helps us to learn more from the professors and there other students. Thank you very much.
  • Working with people with different background was very good.
  • Lectures were very appropriate.
  • To get the various relationship between many research area.
  • The field work at nursing home is good experience for us.
    We could find out new things about real elderly person.
  • Firstly, we have expanded our working network with researchers who are majoring various field as well as similar field.
  • Secondly, I firstly consider about what can I do for elderly people and what things does elderly people really need?
  • Meeting researchers who have various major.
  • Participants from various countries.
  • Field work
  • To know the other field especially robot technic.
  • To have co-work experience with other researchers (interdisciplinary experience)
  • To make, to search for the elderly market, the elderly need.
  • From the viewpoint of collaboration between Japan and Korea, this seminar becomes the best in my life, all staffs in Japan side did over works to prepare and organize the schedule, actually, we did field work to visit some nursing home, It was the one of the best experience of me to understand the common problem, the super aging society in Asia. I truly appreciate the staffs for my best honor.
  • Great links between people from different institutions and countries.
  • Lectures
  • Collaboration of different expertise (Engineering + Gerontology + Design…)
  • Eating arrangement
  • To meet the researchers from different fields such us design, social and robotics.
    And to visit care centers are very useful and help to understand elderly's needs.
  • Gathering many various researchers
  • It was great success to understand another perspective approach for elderly health life environment especially through the discussion time.
  • I was very exciting about exchanging many ideas with researchers. And the lectures were useful in my research. Thank you very much for invitation.
  • Group discussion.
  • To create human network in research area.
  • Facilities (Including hotel, congress room, etc…)
  • Expanded my horizon on the research of caring the elderly.
  • Through group work, we learned how to collaborate effectively with our different personal academic background.
  • Interdisciplinary group work was great to solve problem with different point of view
  • I found a new aspect for the elderly person. I think it is due to the peoples that have a variety of background & research area.
2-2The least successful aspect of this seminar ( if possible, suggestion for important):
  • Very tight schedule.
  • Not enough face time unfortunately.
  • Field work was very short. I wanted to go more other places.
  • The schedule of the seminar is a little tight.
  • No time for having a break.
  • Most engineers are majoring in robotics.
    I think more various background knowledge will be helpful to participants.
  • Schedule was very tight.
  • Add other field such as administration, architecture.
  • Give them (each group) specified sisuation.to make them solve problem in practical way.
  • Absolutely, there is nothing.
  • More free time for extra activities (e.g. buying souvenirs) would be welcome.
  • Group work
  • No free time (Not enough)
  • Tight schedule.
  • More organized group format (Pre-organize the group before the seminar like the Japanese team did Korean team was spontaneous
  • Insufficient group discussion time.
  • It would be nicer if we could have more discussion time for the group work.
  • I think we need more time for discussion.
  • Creative thinking.
    As a researcher, we must have responsibility to contribute our society. This seminar gives us to think about our duty.
2-3Other comments:
  • This seminar is very impressive that have some interesting topics and subject of my research.
  • Good organization, appreciate all the efforts for accommodation, meals, flights, etc..
  • Thank you.
  • The schedule of the seminar is very tough. And we could achieve fruitful results of education, research, and relationship between participants.
  • Thank you very much for me as housing & interior designer (Spatial planner) to have chance to participate in industrial market for the elderly.
  • This Asian Science Seminar is very different with others, Sincerely, I was worry about the essentials of this kind of collaboration, However, Every member was focusing on the common issues day by day.
    We had discussed about the given issues not considering the nationality, the age, and the major subject.
    Even I promised the colleague who I met first to be the leaders of future seminar.
  • Field trip can be more organized in the future!
  • Our group was supposed to visit two facilities, but we could not due to the limited number of cars.
    Also, our guide was not rally sure of how to guide us, and after a brief tour of the facility, she left us opt the dining room and went to take lore of other older adults.
  • It was an excellent seminar and I will look forward to next seminar.
  • I need free time after dinner, please!
  • Thanks for the great opportunity.
    It would be more fruitful and inspiring if we could have chance to take some lab tours related to the seminar theme.
    Thank you very much. it was wonderful opportunity as a researcher.

Part 3

Your personal information

Postdoctoral researcher
Research associate
Associate Professor
3-3Research Field:
(Communication Robotics, Power assistive technology, Human mechatronics systems, etc)
Computer Science
Housing & Interior Design
Sociology, Gerontology
(Sound Localization, Ambient assistant living, Assistive services provision, etc)

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