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JSPS-NRF Asian Science Seminar 2012

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Welcome reception /
Address from Hokkaido local government


Seminar1「Key Issues on R&D for Elderly/ people with Disabilities」
Yasuhiro Yamazaki (President, Access International)
Seminar2「IT for Future Health and Wellbeing」
Mounir Mokhtari (Professor,Institute TELECOM France)
Seminar3「Creative Thinking and Creativity Development Method」
Kyung-Bin Park (Professor, Gachon University)
Seminar4「Smart Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) over Cloud」
Sung young Lee (Professor, Kyung Hee University)
Seminar5 「Development of Assist Robot and Smart Nursing Station to Enrich Aging Society」
Kazuhiko Terashima (Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology)
Seminar6「Rethinking Aging」
Dong-Hee Han (Director, Research Institute of Science for the Better Living of the Elderly People)
Seminar7「Affective companion for elderly people: How to make emotional interaction between care-giver and care-receiver」
Dong-Soo Kwon (Professor, KAIST)
Seminar8「From service robots to biomedical robots」
Sung-Chul Kang (Director, KIST)
Seminar9「Robot Partners for Information Supports to Elderly People based on Informationally Structured Space」
Naoyuki Kubota (Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Seminar10「Needs Finding and Marketability」
Hisato Kobayashi (Professor, Hosei University)

Group discussion

Field work


Special Seminar

Closing Ceremony / Farewell party

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