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JSPS-NRF Asian Science Seminar 2012


Purpose of Seminar

Not only has Japan long since entered the world of super-aging society, but Korea too is facing a rapidly aging society year by year. Although both countries have instituted a variety of developments in assistive technologies for the elderly as well as setting up demonstration experiments such as Smart House and Smart City etc., it seems necessary that these issues which both countries are currently facing should be dealt with not only by the researchers and developers who design the assistive technologies for the elderly, but also by national and administrative systems with the required knowledge of specialists from various fields.

As for the research development, in order to lower the development costs and speed up popularization, it is necessary to understand the importance of concepts such as Need-Finding that involves users, Design Thinking, and Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Also through the cooperation of many regions and countries, the parameter of users increases, which leads to the validity of investing social capital into research development. At the same time, it is also important to consider the aspect of “Adjustment” to different cultural backgrounds or social systems.

The purpose of this seminar is, in addition to learning about the advanced academic research in the field of assistive technologies for the elderly, to provide the researchers the opportunity to examine and reconsider how the direction, method and evaluation of research should be. Therefore it is our hope that this seminar will stimulate the search for and discovery of new research themes with achievements that contribute to society.


From August 26, 2012 through August 31, 2012 (6days)


Sapporo Park Hotel(Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi)
Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Happo-En(Tokyo, Minato-ku)


  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • Hosei University
  • National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


August 26,SundayNightWelcome reception
August 27,MondayMorning
Seminar1, 2
Group discussion1,2 and Seminar3, 4
August 28,TusedayMorning
Seminar5, 6
Fieldwork(Fieldwork at the Facilities for Elder People and Interview)
Group discussion3
August 29,WednesdayMorning
Seminar7, 8
Group discussion4 and Seminar9
August 31,FridayMorning
Seminar10, Group discussion5
Move to Tokyo, Group discussion6
August 31,FridayMorning
Group Presentation
Special Seminar and Closing Ceremony/Farewell party
TimetableMorning Session:9:00~11:45
Afternoon Session: 13:00~17:00 (20:00~22:00)
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Lecturers and Participants

Lecturers10 lecturers (Japan:4, Korea:5, Singapore:1)
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29 Participants (Japan:12, Korea:15, Singapore:2)
Ph.D. students and young researchers from Asia including Japan (Except engineers and the researchers in private sector)
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