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JSPS-NRF Asian Academic Seminar2012


About Seminar

This seminar consists of lectures, group project and fieldwork. The participants of different cultural, research and institutional backgrounds are divided into several groups and work on the followings:

  • Explain the purpose of the group project.
  • Brainstorming of each groups.
  • Research(Fieldwork, Interview).
  • Setting of the research purpose.
  • Setting of the research method and the milestone.
  • Setting of the fruits of research. Evaluation method.
  • Presentation of the research proposal.


August 26Welcome Reception
August 27 Seminar#1,2,3, Group Project
August 28Seminar#4,5, Fieldwork
August 29Seminar#6,7,8, Group Project
August 30Seminar#9,10, Move to Tokyo
August 31Final Group Presentation, Farewell party
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